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About Norcal Healthcare

Our trained, licensed medical professionals, working closely with the attending physicians  allow Norcal Healthcare to provide our patients with convenient, reliable medical advice and evaluations at an affordable cost.

Our mission is to assist patients whose lives can be improved by the therapeutic use of medicinal marijuana, in conjunction with traditional medical care and/or alternative therapies including: acupressure, Chinese herbology, acupuncture, massage, and yoga.

We at Norcal Healthcare strive to provide the highest quality safe and legal solutions for healthy living at the convenience of patients instead of doctors.

Norcal Healthcare helps patients take an active role in their health by offering up to date information on alternative therapies and practices, as well as on medical research and current legal events regarding medicinal marijuana.

By working closely with our legal team, we are able to provide a safe and reliable service for qualified patients in need of a physician’s recommendation for medicinal marijuana.

Committed to Compassionate Healing and Wellness.